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Tableau: October 2010
Often times...Fabulous Foyers
Foyer Foyer

In the first foyer, a stylized, oversized shagreen pattern, twice gilded and glazed, was chosen to highlight the room. The differences of sheen in the silver hues, and the delicate veils of umber in the gilding gives this artwork exceptional luminosity and a precious quality.

Designer: Leslie Jones, Leslie Jones Interiors


In the second example, the walls of this foyer rotunda have been blended with two different metallic hues, creating a smokey, hazy feel. The columns have been treated with our gunmetal finish, tightly executed and in high lacquer-like sheen, integrating design elements in the terrazzo floor in a very effective way.

Recent Murals


PoemA three walled breakfast area became a chic pictorial setting, displaying in free oversized calligraphic style a stanza of Dante’s Divine Comedy. The gestural nature of the artwork and the carefully chosen colors give this breakfast area a distinct contemporary flair.

Designer: Candice Mathers, CMR Interiors

The SeasonsSeasons

In a unique convergence between fine arts and technology, these landscapes, installed in the bar area of a formal living room, show the passing of the year through the seasons. The bar area where the mural on canvas is displayed, has been fitted with a remote control operated mechanically that rolls up or down to the desired picture of the landscape, as it shows the seasonal changes.

Designer: Frank Ponterio
Architects: The Poultan Group
Technology: First Point

Map of the Stars Map of the Stars
Map of the Stars

This Dining Room ceiling was transformed into an updated version of a map of the stars, a time honored artistic theme and a studio favorite. In this specific rendition, a restricted palette of umber and silver pigments was at play throughout the mural. The planets and stars and their orbit were gilded in metallic leaf and interacted beautifully with the chandelier, creating an all encompassing, dynamic field.

Architect: Gregory Geslicki, OCGG Architects

The Powder RoomPowder Room
Powder Room

In this powder room in a beautiful Victorian home, an idealized version of Lake Michigan was painted with views of the surrounding shores, flora and fauna. The overall quality of the artwork was handled to convey the feeling of a well preserved mural original to the home.

Architect: Chip von Weise
Designer: Jim Wilson

Silver Screen

We recently transformed a tall, eight-panel screen originally canvassed with a unwanted picture into a strikingly elegant piece of artwork. The original canvas was filled, sanded, gilded and glazed into a bucolic yet stylish landscape. It required additional gilding and a fine crafting of the rocks, leaves and fruits surrounding the tree, which was all to become a perfect compliment and central piece to the designer’s layout for this living room.

Designer: Nora Marra Interiors


A Magical Place Barn The barn, as the homeowners, designer and everyone in the teams participating in the transformation called it, is an early twentieth century structure, that underwent massive refurbishing and upgrading. The goal throughout this process was to keep the integrity of the original building.

Virtually all interior wood used in wall and ceiling panels was adjusted by our studio. The technical procedures we used hid the gray-black coloration, sealed the wood, accentuated the original woodgrain and finished everything with an overall consistent color range.


The studio also modified and enhanced the patina of old and new steel plates and hardware, developed a finish for the pressed tin ceiling and another for the handpainted kitchen cabinets.

The results: a remarkable feat of direction, aesthetic finesse and technical skill of many, in moving from the old Barn to the new, without loosing its essence and character.

Designers: Sheila Bradley, SB Design and Mick DeGiulio, DeGiulio Kitchen Designs


—Cindy and Jorge Simes