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A chic use of venetian plaster, this finish was for a lady’s study, adapting the croc texture to the burnished pearl plaster. This technique is perfect for powder rooms, dressing rooms as well as other focal areas. This application can also be done in squares or vertical panels.

DeGiulio Kitchen Design and Mary Ellen Henderson Designs






f Venetian

Venetian Embroidered Silk

This “white on white” two step application of burnished venetian plaster is an updated version of the embroidered silk fabrics and laces depicted in Mantua’s famous frescoes. Perfect for a ceiling, or radiating out from a central chandelier, the application adds light, reflection and interest in a subtle way, without overwhelming a room. The pattern can also be adapted to a grid or enlarged for wall surfaces.

fd Kuba Cloth

Take a peek at one of our newest editions of back painted and gilded glass, inspired by ethnic textiles with a contemporary twist. The surface becomes mysterious as the pattern emerges and recedes with the light and angle of view. The glass functions as inset door panels, for focal walls or tiles. As an overall tile application, this pattern has interchangeable components to create a custom wall and is reminiscent of the monochromatic assemblages of Louise Nevelson and the 20th Century European Constructivists.

Kuba Cloth White and Silver Eglomise




Fun + Furniture

Fun + Furniture
Many times, designers will ask us to “redo” an existing piece of furniture from a client’s home. Perhaps the piece does not fit the new look of the home or the new location within the home, yet is well made and provides great storage.

This traditional chest moved from the entry hallway to the teenage daughter’s bedroom, via our studio, with the application of a fun black and white diamond pattern suggested by the designers.

Designer: Suzanne Lovell Inc.

The Final Touch

The Final Touch

Rendering of vanity for master bathroom based on Argentine decorative motifs and Fortuny fabric used in bedroom. DeGiulio Kitchen Design and Barbara Page Interiors.

When working on murals, more elaborate floors, furniture or design elements, we present a detailed watercolor rendering for the designer and client’s approval.

We strive at this time to customize the work by adding any personal details and requests, while tying together all related colors and surfaces in the room. This is also the phase where most changes are worked out before we start on the actual piece.

Clients love the attention to detail and hand-drawn look of these presentations. Many times the renderings are just as enthusiastically received as the final product, and are considered works of art of their own.

Dream HomeArtist Profile

Tina Kotliarchuk has been an integral part of the studio for the past eight years. She is an all-around player in the field of decorative painting, with strong realistic skills as well as fine ornamental detailing and finishes. Tina also collaborates on preliminary renderings and samples.

She has a BFA from NIU, with an emphasis in illustration. She most enjoys painting animals, nature and children’s rooms. Tina has an extensive collection of children’s books. Her free time is spent with son Alex and she also cares for three hand raised pet cockatiels and budgies.

Although she’s had fine competition and challenging themes, Tina has consistently won our year end party “best costume” award for her outstanding creativity!


Times may be tough, but things of great beauty such as design, architecture and art, will never lose their appeal. People may shop less and choose more judiciously, but when they do make a decision, they demand more of the final product. For that reason, tough economic times often spur the most creative times as well.

When challenged, artists generally flourish as their innate creativity is put to the test. Like a third world country out of the international spotlight, this year many artists have been forced to look within to find their most creative selves. As times now start to improve, this is a win-win situation for all. Many new ideas and products are emerging.

In the past year, the studio has maximized any extra time and our artist's talents in many ways including: developing and testing new lines of back painted glass and placing them in showrooms, creating samples with new and greener products, producing more contemporary finishes and updating our newsletter by taking it online, with very positive feedback.

We feel that the eye for beauty is always constant and exceptional work remains in demand. Artistic painting is one area that gives a lot of aesthetic pleasure for the value factor. When a new room needs that special touch or a dated room needs a new look, fine painting has remained a timeless solution throughout history.

—Cindy and Jorge Simes

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