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Simes Studios: Tableau
Dream HomeDream Big!

The studio has built upon an extensive history of fine decorative painting to launch a line of sophisticated eglomise tiles, melding glass with textile design through the magic of paint, our constant muse.

The 2009 Merchandise Mart DreamHome foyer will feature a stunning white focal wall of Silk and Wool Ochre and Pearl, from our new Textiles line of eglomise tiles.

The entire collection is available at the Tile Gallery and can also be viewed at www.simeseglomise.com.

DreamHome Preview Benefit Party on April 16. Open April 17—Dec. 18: Monday to Friday 10—5 and Saturdays 10—3.

Photo at right: Silk and Wool Ochre and Pearl Eglomise Tiles—DreamHome Foyer by Laurel Feldman.

Venetian Plaster Gone Wild

Simes Eglomise Glass Tiles

From left to right: Crocodile/Sunlight, Crocodile/Shadow, Crocodile/Pearl, Python/Bronze, Shagreen/Sunlight and Shagreen/Bronze.

We’ve created a contemporary twist to a time honored technique with our newest “prints”, embossed and burnished, in Venetian Plaster. These textures are perfect for high impact areas such as powder rooms, dressing rooms, focal walls and libraries. Please stop by the studio or call to request a sample on loan.

Not All That Glimmers Is Gold

Not All That Glimmers Is Gold

From left to right: Pewter Mesh, Silver Mosaic, German Silver and Silver Shell.

This year gold has been a popular fallback in the financial markets, but we have found that silver is the leading commodity in the eyes of our clients. In addition to our various gilding projects, large and small, employing different grades of gold, silver, bronze, aluminum and palladium leaf, we are pleased to present novel uses of silver leaf and pigments from recent projects. We are also seeing some changes in metal “futures”. These current silvers are ever so slowly evolving into bronze tones, with more depth and warmth in the final applications.

Dream HomeArtist Profile

Ellis Putman, a senior artist at the studio, is shown restoring an existing mural in a Lake Geneva home. The area being painted originally had a mantle that was removed and plastered over. He has masterfully blended in the summertime landscape and additional wildlife to the delight of the clients.

From Ellis first day at the studio, he has shown a natural talent for decorative painting and a keen eye for detail. A Fine Arts graduate of Northern Illinois University, his main interest is in figurative painting and drawing. He has a wealth of knowledge in history and science from his passion for reading and keeps the work conversations lively with a wide variety of fun facts and new ideas. He has a sharp mind for math, drafting and project specifications. Ellis also enjoys cooking, vegetarian cuisine, and health related topics.

  The Final Touch

After receiving the final round of drawings for an ornate wrought iron railing, you are a bit “underwhelmed”. They are not exactly what you were expecting, not quite at the level your project deserves. But—what to do?

Many designers and architects have periodically called upon us to lend an artistic hand when renderings are not exactly at the level they require or need further elaboration. These projects have included:

  • Redesigning the focal areas of an intricate laser cut inlaid marble floor inspired in a Parisian foyer to meet a client’s specific expectations.
  • The scrollwork on an ornate railing was a little too whimsical for an elegant new home after several revisions by the wrought iron company. Considerable drawing and refining sent a much improved rendition off for final fabrication.
  • A detail for a corbel was too sparse and dainty, requiring a more classic architectural rendition prior to carving.
  • An armoire needed a customized carved design more fitting of the family style and tone of the house.

The studio’s artistic talents are frequently called upon to act as consultants and draftsmen in these situations, as many trades do not employ professional artists to produce the custom designs needed in the finest homes. The studio has produced full scale pencil renderings in the classic tradition. The next time you need a helping hand to bring a design element to the next level—give us a call!

Rendering of Corbel Detail. Designer Anthony Michael Interior Design. Architects: Hammond Beeby Rupert Ainge.

—Cindy and Jorge Simes

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