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A Newsletter by Simes Studios for Architects and Designers | August 2016
Luxury is in the Details
During our creative process from ideas to sketches, renderings, prototypes, samples, color tests and final work, many opportunities to define and improve the artwork present themselves and we consider them all, choosing the ones that will perfect the final product. The examples below illustrate this aesthetic pursuit in a contemporary architectural trompe l’oeil application from a recent project.

Master Bath

A white octagonal dome with only two actual horizontal moldings was the blank canvas and perfect occasion to simultaneously create architectural depth, a perception of open space and to bring about a bouquet of color to an otherwise achromatic master bath, painting trompe l’oeil millwork and dogwood trees in bloom.

Master Bath
Master Bath Master Bath

Clockwise from top: detail of lower section of mural; general view of ceiling; detail of rendering with color study.
To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the small details.
- Giorgio Armani

Powder Room

Powder Room
The driving concept was to create an Italian jewel box by means of meticulously and artfully defining the features of each wall, ceiling and millwork. The well calibrated balance of hues, saturation and 24 karat gold detailing provided a tailored look to the room. The lovely arrangement of floral scrollwork bestowed a soft, colorful and lavish framework, brimming with joyful artistry.
Clockwise from top: Overview of upper sections; detail of scrollwork, parchment finish and trompe l’oeil rosette; rendering with color study and gold outlining.
Powder Room

Powder Room

- Cindy and Jorge Simes
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