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A Newsletter by Simes Studios for Architects and Designers | April 2012


When we think of contemporary, minimalistic decor in the last decade, we think of it as structured around crisp and austere lines of design. Therefore, we always find it necessary to bring about a point of warmth and luxury to selected surface treatments.

At Simes Studios, we continue to develop a series of one-of-a-kind finishes, intended to bring about the right measure of artistry to architecture. Our team strives to accomplish this without distracting from the overall design by creating unique focal points of color and sensuousness.

In the following examples, various conceptual innovations are made with already proven and respected techniques. For example, Venetian plaster, encaustic with bees' wax and various forms of gilding, exemplify the handsome looks of the successful associations between contemporary architecture and the visual arts.

In this remarkable two story spiral stairway, the overall helicoidal design has been covered with thin layers of a very light, yet warm hue of off-white Venetian plaster. The walls and underside surfaces have been burnished, evoking a distinct feeling of a shell-like sculpture.

Britt Taner, designer

At first sight, this elegant Gold Coast Living Room extends a warm welcome with its two, oversize wall sections flanking the fireplace. These walls have been crafted and rendered as large aluminum gilded screens with a warm patina and a gentle luster in its finish. They simultaneously provide a sumptuous background and organize the visual structure of the room.

Sally Moeller, designer

The dashing interior design of this spacious and sun-drenched kitchen in downtown Chicago features hand-molded walls. The uncommon effect created by our studio, accomplished by shaping irregular, rhythmic horizontal lines in two different types of plaster, is inspired in cameo carved shells. When rendered oversize and treated with a pearlized wax, the luscious look and feel comes to life in different ways as the light changes throughout the day.

De Giulio Kitchen Design

These three vignettes illustrate an equal number of techniques and projects. Clockwise from left:

A subtle, painterly application of light golden and off-white tinted plaster, applied in thin layers, finely sanded and buffed to the point of honed marble, clads the walls of a kitchen.

Vida Marks, designer

The shimmering walls of this powder room show the subtle transitions of hue produced with metallic powders in suspension on an aubergine background color.

Gary Beyerl, architect

The vermillion walls in this powder room, with light vertical plaster striations intercepted by sharp, narrow black lines, work as an exercise in vibrancy and rhythm.

Kiran Design group

In this very contemporary master bathroom overlooking Lake Michigan, the choice of finishes was concise and accurate, tailored to the requirements of the homeowner. A very white Venetian plaster, almost chalky in its light luster, gives a delicate and luminous glow to the background.

Michael Richman Interiors

The wall surface in this two-story staircase has been treated as an oversize, encaustic painting. Starting from hand-colored layers of plaster-applied with artist palette knives in various hues of green, and finished with layers of pigmented bees wax-this gorgeous surface stands out as a monumental abstract fresco, as well as the focal color point in the large and elegant interior.

Gary Beyerl, architect

Below is our Newest Collection of Contemporary Finishes
Available as of April 2012


Silvered Rosewood


Silvered Shagreen

Pearl and Platinum

Rose Gold

- Cindy and Jorge Simes

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