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A Newsletter by Simes Studios for Architects and Designers | February 2012

The Eglomise Issue

Collections, Custom Installations, and New Ideas

As we enter our seventh year of custom eglomise projects, we believe it is time to dedicate an issue of Tableau to the artistic process of eglomise and its production, from creation to installation.

Most of these striking installations are in private homes and buildings: this virtual show is a feasible window to appreciate the breadth of concepts and range of technique and execution. We will see below a selection of custom, one-of-a kind projects as well as two of our most popular collections, deGiulio and TexTiles.

A paisley motif was designed anew for this group of six oversize eglomise panels in a Chicago Downtown Library, simultaneously providing warmth, privacy and style in an original fashion.

Jessica LaGrange Interiors

A good part of our efforts in trompe l'oeil eglomise are dedicated to imagining glass as fabric. In the two examples above, we can see a Chinese trellis design as eglomise in a pristine series of off-white and blue closet panels as well as an embroidered-like surface on a pair of mirror frames in a master bath.

Nora Marra Interiors

Also, as a pair of mirror frames in a master bath, the Zuber-inspired frames bring the gorgeously painted landscape scene to the periphery; it is a unique and very creative approach in the otherwise all-white marble room. The mirrored images reflect back upon themselves creating an interesting hall of mirror type setting.

John Winslow Designs

The deGiulio Collection: designed by our studio and exclusive to the renowned kitchen and bath company. The samples above show a contemporary take on Neo Classical design, which are applied to different color layouts.

The example above is Loped Velvet Silver and Umber in details of a Powder Room and Kitchen installation, respectively. Note how the pattern creates a glass tapestry effect.

In the spirit of Mother of Pearl and luminescent multicolor effects, this niche is a painterly, semi-abstract rendition of a landscape. The bright coloration of the eglomise niche stands out in sharp contrast with the restrained palette of the pristine, contemporary pearlescent wall finish, also by Simes Studios.

De Giulio Kitchen Design. Merchandise Mart Showroom.

These are two examples of shell-like textures in eglomise. An oversized South African Turban Shell for Ria Restaurant in Chicago and a White Nautilus rendition.

Simeone Deary Design Group
DeGiulio Kitchen Design

The three images above show our TexTile Collection in two different settings. The left and center images are a custom colored Silk and Wool pattern, oversize to the full width of the shower wall and providing a crisp contrast with the surrounding stone and metal details. On the right, a feature wall detail in Twine pattern Double Silver 6" x 12" standard size eglomise tiles, in a grout-less installation.

Kiran Design Group
TexTile Collection available at Artistic Tile and Tile Gallery

A pair of fusion Chinoiserie Art Deco oversize eglomise panels offer a stylish focal point in a guest bedroom with a gunmetal finish.

Two custom backsplashes show how historical motifs, that are aesthetically worlds apart, can find fresh and new form when interpreted in eglomise.

A Sumi-e landscape with faithful brushwork and characteristic lines of design on glass treated as rice paper.

Cannon-Frank Design Group

A Pompeiian mural with a cartouche putti as chefs, where the glass has been treated as a trompe l'oeil wall. The many layers of paint interact to create a rich, vivid black and gold picture.

Carolyn Tocks, Someday Design.

What's cooking at the studio: clockwise from upper left: various Twine pattern test colors, reverse gilding in progress, painterly waves motif on wavy glass, woven Zebra pattern. All of these ideas are presently in-the-works, together with custom eglomise mural projects.

Towards the end of 2011, we acquired new equipment for what will become the next two collections involving different ways of carving, texturizing and mirroring glass. We believe these additions will further refine and expand our range of eglomise, and can not wait to show you the results!

- Cindy and Jorge Simes

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