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Redefining Eglomise
An Updated Skyline in Art Deco Style
The images below show the striking presence of our eglomise rendition of the Chicago skyline in a private residence bar and lounge area.
A wide range of techniques were tested and developed to represent the stylized highlights and shadows of the buildings, the wavy undulations of the water, the elegant tree lines, and all manner of ships and vessels. An arresting ombré background of red to black, laced with evanescent mirrored glazes and complemented with clouds painted in grisaille on 12 karat white gold leaf finish the artwork.
Crystal clear restoration glass, made in Germany to 100 year old technical specifications, gives additional Deco character and authenticity to the artwork and was used as our “blank canvas”. Additional techniques such as gilding with 23 karat Moon Gold and other metallic leaf and pigments, pearlized layers, tinted varnishes, glazed and painted details provide a sense of definition and depth.
Designer: S.R. Gambrel
Architects: Liederbach and Graham
Butler’s Pantry becomes a Jewel Box
The striking beauty of our Filigree Eglomise Mirror, a design we developed in 2019, is presented here in Warm Silver. The custom panels clad the walls of the Butler’s Pantry hallway, complementing the crisp and contemporary design and creating an image of bespoke intricacy in shades of silver and pale gold. The eglomise partially reflects the crystal collection and imparts an almost tangible presence of light to the room.
Designer: Susan Skilton - De Giulio Kitchen Design
Hall of Mirrors in a Master Bath
This pair of large custom eglomise panels facing each other in a Master Bath were designed and executed as Chinoiserie lattice work with a strong English character. The elegant trellis was gilded in platinum leaf in crisp contrast with the antiqued mirrored background and distressed with silver pigments to provide overall luminosity to the surrounding environment. As the reflections multiply the design, a very intricate and ethereal web of fine platinum lines creates a gossamer presence and a sense of visual depth.
Designer: Andrew Noha
We are always grateful to the designers and architects that hire and inspire us
Happy Thanksgiving!
Cindy and Jorge
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