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Employment | Simes Studios

We periodically look at portfolios sent to us for both full-time and freelance positions. We seek only committed long term candidates for the full time jobs. If you would like to submit work for our consideration, please adhere to the following guidelines:

- Attach a cover letter indicating if you are looking for full-time or freelance work and why you are interested in working for the studio. Include your full address and e-mail as well

- Include a current resume with education and complete work history, indicating any past experience in decorative painting, color, finishes and murals. Experience is not always needed, if the drawing and painting skills are strong, as sometimes we are looking for apprentice level positions.

- Attach 5-10 color photos of your best realistic / traditional painting and drawing. These should be copies that do not need to be returned, with good resolution. Please indicate the medium on each one and size. Do not submit any 3 dimensional work for consideration, such as sculpture, ceramics, clothing design, etc. We need to see you have strong 2 dimensional abilities.

- If you have worked in decorative painting in the past, please also submit color photos of your best work. Please limit these to 5 images.

- Include 3 work related references.

Mail all to:
Simes Studios, 1809 W. Webster Suite 200, Chicago, IL 60614

You can also e-mail us at However we will print the images out to keep on file, so keep in mind the printed quality of your work may not be as strong as those submitted by mail. Please do not drop off work in person or call. We will contact you after reviewing the portfolio if we’d like you to come in for an interview. Portfolios will not be returned.